• What is the Pricing?

    One session is $550. Two session bundle special $1,000. Returning clients are set at their rate adjusted based on inflation (bi-annually). Each session is 90 minutes.

  • What Should I Wear During My Session?

    We recommend coming in comfortable clothing; gym shorts and for women, please also bring a sports bra.

  • What Should I do Before and After My Session?

    Hydration is the best way to prepare and support the body. Be well hydrated and eat something light within 2 hours of coming in. Avoid processed foods and alcohol at least 12-24 hours after your session.

  • Is There A Recovery Time?

    Typically we recommend a 24-48 hour recovery window post session.

  • When Should I Arrive For My Session?

    Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to allow for parking and traffic. As a courtesy to other clients, we must start and end each session at the scheduled time. We will not be able to extend the time of your service if you arrive late. 

  • What is the Pricing for Active-duty Operators & Veterans?

    If you are a Navy Seal or former SOCOM, you are welcome to apply in our current round through The Peaceful Warrior Foundation, which are fully funded sessions. Otherwise, active duty and veterans are at a 20% discount ($400/session).

  • How Often Should I Come?

    Everyone’s experience is unique, but we recommend every two weeks for optimal results and maintenance. After your first session, our practitioners can give you a more customized treatment plan.

  • What is the Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Late Policy?

    Rescheduling will be free until 8am the day of your appointment, but after 8am same day, a 35% rescheduling fee will apply (based on session price). Cancellations must be made before 6pm PST the day prior to your appointment, but if you do have to miss a same day appointment, the value of the session will be forfeited.

  • What is an Intake Session?

    New clients will need an intake session. This is a separate 30 min Zoom (or phone) session that will need to be scheduled prior to the actual in-person session. This way, the practitioners can review symptoms, what you have attempted so far and results, etc to help you plan a proper course of treatment.

  • What are the Consent to Treatment and Patient Intake Forms?

    The Consent To Treatment Form must be signed prior to each session. New clients will need to complete the Patient History Form and Intake Form. Existing clients please complete if there are any new updates to your health history. Forms will be sent upon booking.

  • Can I Gift Someone A Session?

    Please reach out to the contact info below with their name, e-mail, phone, and number of sessions. Payment will be required prior to their booking.

  • Is There A Referral Program?

    $20 off your next session when you refer a new client. Please complete the referral form here.

contact: info@resonance-labs.co | (213) 474-8122