Fascial Integrative Therapy


Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Taylor. I am the creator of FIT Method and owner of Resonance Labs. My research over the last 15 years have all focused on pain, its origins, and how to correct the problem(s) generating it. My education has taken me all around the world from the most modern research hospitals to ancient soft tissue modalities and tribal healers. Through my educational wanderings I settled in Los Angeles and in 2016 started my clinical application of FIT Method. In 2020, I founded Resonance Labs where we focus on pain, physical dysfunction, emotional integration, and full body soft tissue maintenance.

  • Benefits

    In medicine there is intervention (surgery and medication) and rehabilitation (physical therapy and psychology). Fascial Integration Theory (FIT) gives us the ability to restore soft tissues to ideal function in a non-invasive and expeditious way.

  • Methodology

    Using a negative pressure based, hands on method developed by Fascial Integration Specialist Brandon Taylor, FIT is able to restore, enhance, and maintain anyone at their peak of physical performance.

  • Athletic Performance

    Over 80% of FIT’s athletes go on to set personal bests after only 2 sessions; finding new ability, endurance, and strength as they integrate.

contact: info@resonance-labs.co | (213) 474-8122